Thursday, August 7, 2008 Sucks

I tried seven years ago. Back then, I spent an hour going through their 40+ question survey, looking at photos yes/no, etc. etc. At the end of the whole effort, it asks my status - and I say 'separated'. It logs me out, saying it doesn't 'do' separated or married. Pissed. An hour wasted. And the stupid thing wouldn't let me go back and change my answer. Wouldn't let me back in either.

Now, seven years later, I'm seeing all their commercials on TV and decide to poke around. This time I really am single. Totally divorced, years ago. Not realizing it, I use the same email address, and lo and behold - it remembers me! And it immediately logs me out, saying it doesn't 'do' separated. It doesn't even let me update my profile. Doesn't ask if anything might have changed in the last seven years. Just logs me out. Piece of shit.

Could I use a different email address? Sure. Will I? Nope. Fuck you - after this post, I will never ever ever waste another second of my time on you. And should you ever come up in conversation... well... I won't consider it waste to share my opinion.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Loudness Wars

Ever notice that you're watching a movie on TV, and when the commercials come on, they're so freakin loud you've got to turn down the TV or mute it? This is the Loudness Wars, where audio engineers use audio techniques like compression and limiting to ensure they blast you with the loudest sounds possible. They're doing it on almost every song you buy too.

Well here's a note to all you TV producers: I mute my TV the second one of your over-loud super-aggressive commercials comes on, which means your advertising customers are wasting their money with you. I suspect tens of thousands of people are just like me. So get a clue and lose the loudness before your advertising customers decide to lose you!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Where's the Wi-Fi?

Ok, this isn't so much about being screwed, it's more about how access to wifi in my area sucks for some reason. I'm sitting in a Kelsey's Bar about 1Km from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My wifi connection is apparently courtesy of somebody who lives nearby. When I asked the bartender why this place doesn't have wifi, he said "Cheap corporation?".

Well, this isn't really about Kelsey's. I was just at Boston Pizza, which is also within 1Km of McMaster, and again had to connect through some neighbourly citizen who conveniently left his wifi open. No wifi at Boston Pizza either.

My other favorite haunt is the Thirsty Cactus in Dundas, Ontario, which is the quaint little town 3 Kms outside of Hamilton. No wifi - at least not now. A staffer said they used to have it, but it interfered with their credit-card swiper system. Hmmm... did they have to unplug it to get electrcity to the wifi box?

Well this sucks. Here I am in the immediate neighborhood of one of Canada's major universities, and none of these restaurants have wifi. Don't these students have computers? I'm a member of the gym there (but I'm old enough I don't 'chat' with anyone), and I think next time I'm in there (next week!) I'm going to start asking where these students hang out to get wifi. Because in these old-farts places, I ain't Got No Radiation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rogers Cablevision Sucks

I've been a Rogers customer one in the last 20 years. They've got a wonderful policy of charging you for one extra month when you leave their service area. They'll even lie to you to collect it, and then throw up barriers when you attempt to get to the bottom of the lies. If you have a choice between Rogers and another provider, you'd be well advised to avoid Rogers. Here's what happened to me:

I signed on for digital cable, digital phone, and internet service in Jan of 2007. In mid may, I canceled my service because I was moving out of the area. Their "policy" is that they require 30 days notice, but they do it based on month ends and when you signed and other mysterious factors I couldn't ferret out of them. Bottom line - I had to pay until the end of July, even though they got their equipment back, and I was long gone, by the end of June.

Then came the Big Lie: They've give me a 50% discount on July if I provided them with a forwarding address, which I did. No matter, they charged me full bore. I spent 90 minutes on the phone, being transferred from customer service, to sales, back to service, and round and round. Nobody would fess up and honor the verbal 50% agreement.

I wrote a letter, dragged the thing out for months, no one replied. They just kept billing me and adding service charges.

I suspect their policy of charging people for service they didn't receive is illegal, or at the very least immoral. If I ever see a class-action suit against Rogers, I'll sign up in a heart-beat!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In this blog I'm going to mention the time Rogers Cablevision screwed me, how the US Congress is screwing the American citizens, how modern corporations are screwing all of us, and any other screw-like subject that comes up. Be sure to leave a comment about how you got screwed - maybe our collective voices could reduce the screwage!